Jodianne Beckford, Host / Creative Director

Jodianne Beckford is the creator and host of The E Project. She began this project back in 2015 while living in Ottawa. Jodianne soon realized how many amazing creatives were in the Capital and wanted to share their stories in hopes to encourage fellow creatives. She was curious to know who was doing what, how they did it, and why they did.  Today the project has grown to be so much more than she would have imagined, a podcast. They say "curiosity killed the cat", but in her case it has resurrected life into her. 

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O'shane Howard, Videographer

O'shane Howard joined The E Project summer of 2017, and has been a substantial part of it's growth, and creating the promotional videos. His attention to detail is one of his many skills and gifts that he posses. O'shane thrives on learning his industry and is consistently evolving not only professionally but personally as well. 

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