Mazz Amini - Custom Grill and Jewellery Maker

Mazz Amini also known as Grillzbymazz, is one of Toronto's top custom grill makers and hi-end hip hop jewellers. Mazz shares his story of how he came up into the industry with little to no knowledge, and how he learned very quickly that he would need to learn the tricks of the trade on his own.

Jebril "Fresh" Jalloh - Apparel & Accessories

Jebril "Fresh" Jalloh is the CEO and founder of 'The Get Fresh Company'. At the tender age of 15, he had a vision of owning his own store called 'The Get Fresh Company', and he never lost that. Jebril has gone from hustling clothes from the trunk of his car to owning his own store, which is a major staple in Toronto, located on Queen St. West.

Tristan Barrocks - The Digital Storyteller

Tristan Barrocks also known as the Digital Storyteller is the CEO and founder of Felicity Moments, an international luxury wedding cinematography company. His passion for telling stories is something he has had for as long as he could remember. Tristan has been in the arts for over 12 years and with his experience, he has created a successful business that caters to elevating brands, and weddings to the next level.

Chanile Vines - Vines Play

Chanile Vines is the creator and founder of Vines Play, a Toronto-based Event & Marketing Firm specializing in the wine industry. She is also the president of The Ontario Wine Society, the first minority to lead a 25-year-old group. Chanile has worked hard, faced and overcame many obstacles to get to where she is. She is now finishing her Masters in psychology with a focus on geriatric mental health.

Louise Mangalino - Burger Pawty

Louise Mangalino, also known as "The Head Barbie In Charge" is the founder and creator of Burger Pawty, a catering company for special events and pop-ups. Her love for burgers evolved when she started her own burger blog, BURGERS AND BARBIE$, back in 2010. Through that blog, Louise was able to channel her love for food, fashion, music and photography all in one place.

Julene Chung - Curated Life Magazine

Julene Chung is the founder and creator of the lifestyle magazine Curated Life, and the event series MASTERCLASS. Curated Life is an empowering lifestyle magazine published for and by women entrepreneurs. Filled with inspirational and informative content, the magazine features business, beauty, travel and health content.

Mary Young - Designer

Mary Young is a Toronto based lifestyle brand, that specializes in making lingerie and loungewear. Her designs are focused on comfort and freedom from restriction, as each garment is intended to move with one’s body, all while maintaining high quality and style.

Adrian Wallace - Storyteller

Storyteller, comedian, film director, and all around dope creative entrepreneur, Adrian Wallace is the guy to know. Adrian shares his story on creating one of Toronto's most talked about web series (courtside series) on youtube. He began this series to share a story about community, youth, the reality of what teens face when having to choose between the hustle and education, and so much more.

Dwayne Holness - Director

Dwayne Holness also well known as Dukez, is the CEO and founder of Corex Creative. Dwayne and I sat down and talked about his journey of owning his own company, directing, acting, being featured on Noisey, having faith, not getting caught up when the bad times happen and knowing that we can always overcome it, and so much more.

Femi Lawson - Entertainer

Femi Lawson is one of Toronto's big talents. Femi is well known for his youtube comedy skits, and phrase Tantalization. He has since then expanded his career in entertainment, acting, a sought out event host and has worked with some of the top entertainers in the industry.

Lynn Sainté - Papaya & CO

Lynn M. Sainté is the founder and designer of Papaya & CO. Her main source of inspiration is African inspired prints, she uses wax print fabrics to create tote bags, makeup pouches, ties, and so much more! Her love for the community is what drives her to make such unique and culturally impactful designs.

Benny Bing - Artist

Benny Bing is a self-taught Toronto based artist of Nigerian descent. We sat down and talked about his journey as an artist and how his wife helped him to rediscover the artist inside. What was first just a thoughtful gift from his wife while visiting in Paris, became the very thing that would shift his life forever.

Nneka Elliott

Nneka Elliott, formerly known as Toronto's news anchor on CP24, decided to launch her own lifestyle brand. Since launching, Nneka has developed quite a name for herself in the entertainment business, from acting appearances, starting her own Caribbean lifestyle show online, blog, speaking engagements, and the list goes on.

Gloria Chik of The Flight Pack

Gloria Chik, founder of The Flight Pack, digital agency & lifestyle blog Rogue Stories, is the ultimate media maven you need to know! She has worked with some of the top names in the industry; Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs Enterprises is just one of many.